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A series of conversations with arts and culture professionals about their work and unique perspective on contemporary life. Hosted by Kevin Moore, the talks are held at twilight overlooking New York City's West Side.

Photojournalist Ozier Muhammad reminisces about growing up among the Nation of Islam, bearing witness to famines, earthquakes, and political campaigns, and the necessity of seeking inspiration. Silas Riener talks about dance traditions, broadening gender categories through dance, and improvisational performance as a forum on social...

2021 guests find focus, discover new ideas, and rethink their relationship to New York through turbulent times. With Rivka Galchen, Dasha Shishkin, Reiner Leist, Leo Rubinfien, Julie Curtiss, Alex Rosenberg, A. K. Burns, Ankit Shrestha, Francis Cape, Moyra Davey, Vera Iliatova, Nilko Andreas, Ben Gould, Hugo...

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