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2021 guests find focus, discover new ideas, and rethink their relationship to New York through turbulent times. With Rivka Galchen, Dasha Shishkin, Reiner Leist, Leo Rubinfien, Julie Curtiss, Alex Rosenberg, A. K. Burns, Ankit Shrestha, Francis Cape, Moyra Davey, Vera Iliatova, Nilko Andreas, Ben Gould, Hugo...

Francis Cape discusses woodworking as an angle on social injustice and the persistence of utopian ideals in late capitalist society. Moyra Davey demonstrates the power of triangular thinking, bringing together personal, historic, and artistic narratives that examine life in unique ways. [embedyt][/embedyt]...

[embedyt][/embedyt] Ben Gould tells how a recent diagnosis of Tourette Syndrome precipitated a career shift to performance art, through which he mines the expressive potential of his body's unpredictable energies. Hugo Montoya details how a lifestyle of beachcombing and photographing led to a discipline of...

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