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Francis Cape discusses woodworking as an angle on social injustice and the persistence of utopian ideals in late capitalist society. Moyra Davey demonstrates the power of triangular thinking, bringing together personal, historic, and artistic narratives that examine life in unique ways. [embedyt][/embedyt]...

Coversations with Tabitha Soren, Carroll Dunham, Hugh Hayden, Lesley Lokko, Cheryl Donegan, Kevin Bewersdorf, Nanette Burstein, Mark Dion, Elaine Mayes, Olaf Breuning, Heidi Ewing, Chris Martin, Luc Sante, Laurie Lambrecht, Chelsea Culprit & Mary Carlson.​[embedyt][/embedyt]...

Nisenbaum talks about painting as a mode of being present to others and, in those situations, confronting complex feelings as social beings. Steciw discusses our alarmingly expanding and fractured media universe and attempts at momentary stasis and wholeness through play, humor, and irreverence.[embedyt][/embedyt]...

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